360 Camera for Ghost Hunting

The new 360 Puck is a completely modular system for ghost hunting. Just add the tools you would like for the investigation and go. Have you ever had potential paranormal activity happen just out of camera view? It's frustrating isn't it? Well, we have the answer for you.

This 360° Puck camera system is designed to capture an entire area in power HD video. Combining many tools together for the job including a 360 IR light, paranoramic video and other tools, there is no more need to setup various lights/cameras to find the best angle. Just set this light in the center of the room to capture it all.

The Pucks

  • 360 Camera Rig

  • 360 Night Vision IR Light

  • Laser Grid (coming soon)

  • and More to Puck Modules to Come...


Investigate the World in 360°

Life doesn't funnel through a pinhole. It doesn't pose for the perfect angle. Our world is all around us. Explore it. Investigate it. All of it. With the 360 degree Puck System. It's not a camera rig. It's not a light. It's not an environmental meter. It's all of that and more.

Choose Tools You Need & Lock Them Together

It's what you make of it. Choose the Pucks you want for the job. Lock them together and investigate our world in 360 degrees.

Our world doesn't hold to boundaries and neither do we.



  • Use most any kind of cameras you like
  • Click and go mounting system
  • Full paranoramic coverage like never before


Sample panoramic shot:


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